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Carpentry Service Basics & Tips for Finding Carpenters

Not every person that has a toolbox can call themselves a carpenter, but you may be fooled when searching for carpentry services in olathe, ks and seeing a plethora of options. It may seem as though it’s not possible for there to be so many choices, but there are many carpentry services available to provide you with the services you require for your project, whatever it may be.

Although all companies or individual carpenters do not offer the same services, there are some key services you will find offered. Some of the available services you will be able to receive from carpentry professionals include:

·    Interior & exterior door replacements or installations

carpentry services in olathe, ks

·    Interior & exterior trim replacement or installation

·    Installation of crown molding & base trim

·    Installation of wainscotting & beadboard

·    Addition of storm & pet doors

·    Replacement or repair of cabinets

·    Replacement or repair of windows

No matter what you want to change in your home, you’ll need a good carpentry service. Let’s get into what you need to pay attention to when choosing carpenters.


Carpentry services should have extensive experience as well as knowledge regarding construction and the specific project you want completed. Make sure professionals are licensed as well as well trained before starting your project.

Licensed & Certified

Another thing you need to pay attention to is the licensing of the company as well as the certifications of carpenters. These professionals can be certified in a variety of skills, so knowing their certification allows you to get a better understanding of their technical skill.

Look around and find a few services that interest you, comparing the two and gathering information to learn more about them before making your final decision on what carpentry company you are working with.