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Signs Your Circuit Breaker Needs Replacing

Circuit breakers connect your home’s electrical system and replacing an old one can be a sound investment for homeowners, protecting the home from damages while also reducing the chance of damage to appliances, devices, and fixtures.

Circuit breakers are your home’s first line of defense against electrical issues, but they are often overlooked. It doesn’t help that they are usually located in places where they cannot be easily seen, such as in basements or utility closets, but there are some clear warning signs that will present themselves when your breaker is having issues.

Flickering Lights

Flickering lights can be caused by several issues, such as faulty or old wiring, but your home may begin to feel a bit like a haunted house when the breaker is the cause of lights flickering. This problem is not only distracting but can also indicate a troublesome electrical issue.

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Poor Appliance Performance

You may notice that your stove has begun baking your food items a bit unevenly or the temperature takes a long time to rise or stabilize. Dryers and other appliances may shut off while they are in use. If this occurs, contact a specialist about breaker installation in Irmo, SC to assess the breaker and find a solution to your problem.

Damage to Appliances & Lights

When the circuit breaker is not performing properly, they do not control electrical currents and bulbs may get burnt out much quicker or appliances may not function at all. Overheating is a common occurrence, which can damage devices permanently.

If you’re experiencing any sort of electrical issue in your home, whether it is the breaker or not, you need to contact an electrical professional and get an assessment. Inspections will keep your home safe and avoid unnecessary harm to property, devices, appliances, and household members.