Month: November 2020

What Types Of Loans Can You Get

When working with a bank or other private lender you will have a lot of different options when it comes to getting money.  For many, a loan may feel like a handout or charity.  However, loans are really a major factor in our society as well as how banks like Columbia Bank East Brunswick make their money.  So, what type of loans can you get?


A mortgage is a loan that is designed to be paid over a long period of time.  Typically, a mortgage loan will span over thirty years with a monthly payment of around a thousand dollars.  When we get a mortgage loan we are looking to purchase a house or other type of property.  These are long term investments and allow people to live in comfortable and affordable housing.

Car or Auto Loan

The next type of loan that you can get is an auto loan.  These loans are given so that you can purchase a reliable car or other form of transportation.  These loans typically span about seventy two months in length and will allow us to purchase a vehicle.  Depending on the type of car you want to purchase your loan amount and the monthly payments will vary.

Business loans

The next type of loan that you will want to get is a business loan.  These loans allow you to start and manage your business.  You can get these loans to help pay for payroll, inventory and other expenses.  When we run a business it is very important that we have a level of cash flow that allows the business to function.  Without this cashflow most businesses will close up.

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Knowing your numbers

When it comes to loans it is very important to know what type of loan that you need and to know your numbers.  If you don’t know these then you may not receive the loan or you may receive the wrong type or amount of loan needed.

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